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From Kevin Riff <>
Subject Re: Other Java compilers?
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2000 22:07:22 GMT
Michel CASABIANCA wrote:

> Kevin Riff <> writes:
> > Would it make sense to add an attribute to the JavaC task that
> > allows you to enter the path to an arbitrary compiler? It could
> > be implemented using Runtime.exec(..) similarly to how the Jikes
> > compiler is done.
> This should be possible, but it would be *very* slow compared to
> running this compiler in the same VM. VM boot is time consuming
> (about 2 or 3 sec.) and can be greater than time to compile.
> For small projects you can run faster by disabling JIT because in
> these situations boot time is greater than the amount of time
> saved with JIT.

That would be true if the compiler was a Java application. But Jikes
(and presumably other compilers) is implemented in native C code which
makes it *much* faster than JavaC. When the "jikes" option is used, Ant
uses Runtime.exec(..) to invoke the compiler as a separate process. All
that would be needed is to create another compiler option that's similar
to the existing Jikes code but without anything that's specific to

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