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From "Vitaly Stulsky" <>
Subject Re: SAX 1.0 vs SAX 2.0
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2000 07:10:28 GMT
> While Duncan is off contemplating changes to the core interfaces, I thought
> it would be a good time to look into something even more internal -
> hopefully something that we will still need once everything settles down -
> First comment: JAXP works as advertised - one *can* switch between Xerces
> and ProjectX with a simple change in classpath.  Unfortunately, it can't
> work miracles - there is a substantial difference between the two.
> ProjectX only supports SAX 1.0.  Xerces's support for SAX 1.0 is
> deprecated.
> Choices are:
>    1) Stay with SAX 1.0 and accept the deprecation warnings for .  Note:
>    there are a *LOT* of deprecation warnings.  Screen fulls.  Many screen
>    fulls.
>    2) Stay with SAX 1.0 and turn off deprecation warnings on Ant builds.
>    3) Go with SAX 2.0.  This makes Sun's parser not an option for now, but
>    presumably that will be rectified.

For the long term decisions option 3 is much more preferable that options (1) or
(2). From my point of view, full screen of warnings or turning the warinnigs off
bad practice, cause this road can lead to the problems with coding. First
option may lead to long warning log analisis or absense of this analisys at all.
Second one removes log analisis completely. I don't like 'dirty' screen while
building something.
Also the third point is clear from perespective point of view.

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