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From "Thomas Haas" <>
Subject JUnit task and friends
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2000 20:09:05 GMT
Upon request a snapshot of the current JUnit task is provided.
Except everything resides in the optional package for now. The development got stuck
due to the current discussion about the future design of ant. The JUnit task needs a proposal
to replace Exec with a more extensible and reusable version offering various other feattures

- This version writes the output to RUNNING-TEST-<testname>.xml. The file is renamed
to TEST-<testname>.xml on success and ERROR-<testname>.xml on failure. This has
been done to be compatible with our old, makefile based build system and will be obsolete,
once the backends are converted to XML.
- Tests are not run if a file TEST-<testname>.xml already exists. This is used for fix/build/test
cycles prior to committing changes to the repository.
- Both features may be made confifurable and/or optional, as they may not be needed by everybody.
- I started implementing only my features, as it first looked like beside Stefan Bodewig nobody
is interested in this. It looks like I was wrong, great.

- provide a specialiced classloader to extend the classpath at runtime differently for every
junit task.
- in addition to the XML output provide ASCII output.
- I am not 100% happy with the XML structure, but it is fine right now.
- Docu

As long as it JUnit is not part of ant, I will collect patches and submit them to the list.

Let me know, what you think.
- tom

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