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From "Thomas Haas" <>
Subject Re: Path & dir separators (was Re: Ant Principles)
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2000 18:25:20 GMT

From: James Duncan Davidson <>
> >    * Define a syntax to define pathes really crossplatform, maybe
strange like
> >      {(foo)(file)(jar)}{(foo)(bar)(classes)}
> -1... We have a canonical representation in '/' -- its the path sep used
> in URLs and works on windows and Unix. If we are going to force a syntax
> and not be helpful to people, we need to use that one.

My sugestion was to NOT define how files or directories should be specified
and just pass the String from the build file to and let it do
the work This allows user on Unix, Windows and Mac write crossplatform build
files. This allows also people working on more uncommon system having
completly differen file semantic work on their system. Remains the case
where people are working across incompatible system (in respect to how the
respective implementation interprets file definitions). Those
people could use nested elements to define files and use whatever syntax we
can agree on: you suggested '/', URL notation is another possibility but
their would be many others.

As stated previously, I see no need in us defining how files or directories
syntacticly should be defined, let do the work for us.

- tom

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