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From "Scott M Stark" <>
Subject Help with porting gnumake construct to Ant
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2000 18:46:54 GMT
I'm working on porting a gnumake based build scheme
over to an Ant based scheme. One construct I can't
find in Ant is defining a varible using macros.
Here is an example where I build up a large
classpath(THIRD_PARTY_CLASSPATH) using gnumake's
foreach & subst functions. What is the analagous Ant mechanism?

### Begin gnumake Makefile stub
# Define the platform classpath separator char
empty := 
space := $(empty) $(empty)
OS_TYPE := $(shell uname)
ifeq ($(findstring NT,$(OS_TYPE)),NT)
 path_separator :=;
 path_separator :=:

# The src location of third party jar files
SRC_3RDPARTY_JARS_DIR = $(JAVA_PROJ)/../vendorlibs/jars

# Third party jars
third_party_jars = activation.jar idate.jar imask.jar \
 inumeric.jar itime.jar jcchart361J.jar jconn40.jar \
 jgl.jar jhall.jar jndi_bundle.jar mail.jar sfc.jar \
 ssoesapi.jar xml4j.jar
third_party_src_jars = $(foreach jar,$(third_party_jars),$(SRC_3RDPARTY_JARS_DIR)/$(jar))
THIRD_PARTY_CLASSPATH = $(subst $(space),$(path_separator),$(third_party_src_jars))

### End gnumake Makefile stub

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