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From "Wolfgang Werner" <>
Subject RE: JUnit Task
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2000 09:00:07 GMT
>  WW> what is the long awaited junit task doing so special?
> Didn't notice it was long awaited, fine.

For me, this is the most important task, becaus it will give me the
needed control in team development (no checkin without test),
that enables our developers to have a more group oriented
view on the sources - it's all teamwork, everyone can change my code
(if it runs all tests without failure).

> Well one thing is it comes with a TestRunner of its own that allows it
> to be run without forking - thus saving some time. You cannot do this
> with junit.textui.TestRunner as it calls System.exit - same reason as
> for javadoc.

See. I need it.

> It can optionally generate a detailed test report in XML to be picked
> up by some postprocessor - outside of ant - and is customizable in
> its behavior when it comes to test failures (just report the failure,
> stop testing, stop the build process).

Getting better and better!

> What makes the patch special is that Thomas refactored larger parts of
> Exec and Javac and the code relies on these changes.

... which have all +1 from the relevant people, or did I missed something?


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