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Subject Re: What flavour of scripting?
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2000 22:06:59 GMT
Ok, Pier was right, I'm out of here, too much lost time. 

I saved a copy of the current ant and I'll use it, maybe add few new
tasks. I just want a build tool and not a functional/procedural language. 

> >> optional part of several Apache projects.  And several Apache projects as
> >> option plugins to BSF (example: make no mistake about it, Ant is a
> >> scripting language.  If you have any doubt, take one look at
> >> tomcat-test.xml).
> I looked at test-tomcat.xml and it looked just like a script.  To the point
> where I wondered why you used Ant.
> I was also amazed to find that is relied on the left-to-right execution
> ordering of dependancies.

I don't get it - where ? 

The tests can be executed in any order, in paralel or not. It is trivial
to write a XSL that will generate a .sh or .bat file with the same effect. 

Where is the scripting in that ?

I didn't used Ant - test-tomcat is an XML file with a list of requests and
expected responses. It has nothing to do with ant - it can be used from
any language/program that can read an XML. 

I happen to use Ant as a driver for the tests, but that doesn't mean it's
the only way to do it. GTest doesn't have anything to do with Ant - it is
just a java bean that you can use from any java program. It can be called
from ant ( as any other bean that has an execute() method) - but it can
run without ant. ( it doesn't even extend Task ).

BTW, is just one way to perform the tests - you can replace it
with your favorite URL getter and diff and you'll still be able to run the

If you don't like it - just use something else. It is easy to XSL-it to
anything else. 

> Describing how to build something is describing what sequence of tasks to
> execute.  This in an inherantly procedural activity - you are describing a
> series of tasks that make state changes on the file-system.

Not allways true. In order to build a project you can execute the targets
in any order, and even in paralel ( or on different machines ). Yes, the
current _implementation_ happen to be serial and look like a script. 

That's what I mean be "decription" - you can take the antfile and execute
it without ant, using a fancy and sophisticated build system ( or convert
it to a makefile and use make). 

Or you can use the tasks in a normal java application - without any XML

Ant has 3 components:

- a set of tasks - normal java beans with an execute() method.

- a way to describe a build process ( note - <copy> doesn't mean a call to - it can be anything that has the same effect ).

- a simple driver that reads an XML file and creates a hierarchy of
java Objects.

Any of those can be used independently:
- you can create an and call execute() in any java project. No
XML or driver needed - _no_ assumption is made in (most) Tasks about the
environment or driver.

- you can convert the antfile to a format that can be used by another
driver ( make ) - the reverse is not true, of course, because make is an
ugly scripting language. 

- you can use the driver to create java beans and call the execute()
method - and use it for projects where you don't actualy build something. 

If you want procedural language and variables - just create another
> We've had a number of people post requirements saying they'd like certain
> functionality.  We've also had people saying ant should be kept as
> dependant targets each with a simple list of tasks.  There seems to be a
> fundamental conflict here.
> What happens now?
> There have been a number of intermediate solutions listed.  How do we pick
> one and go with it?

No need to pick one - you can implement tasks, or a new driver, or a new
antfile format. Just don't force people to use them !

> As a final suggestion, how about this:
> Properties are constant once defined.  If defined at a certain scope they
> become undefined outside that scope.  Tasks can be nested.  It is an error
> to try to redefine an already defined property.

What about this - we remove ${foo} and properties. Use &entity; which is a
standard XML construct and defined by W3C. 

We had far too many problems and spent too much time discussing
<property>, and if we remove it we'll have just plain XML. Property is
clearly broken.  Antfiles will be just XML files with no other
"conventions" or "rules"  inside. 


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