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Subject Re: <Ant /> on multiple sub-projects
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2000 19:33:52 GMT

> I guess the problem is that the current <Ant /> task already has sub-tasks.
> It uses the createProperty() method to create a task in the sub-project it
> will run.

Ant works fine the way it is. If it works - please don't "fix" it. If what
you want requires a different semantic - create your own task ( you can
extend ant if you want). 

> > DOM is a solution for a different problem - why keeping the XML document
> > in 2 different forms - the Java object tree and DOM ( or any equivalent )?
> > SAX is more than enough - and it's the logical solution.
> Because, if we keep the <property> subtask and try to implement looping,
> you need the information after ProjectHelper has finished.

Then implement another framework that supports all that if you need that -
but please don't call it ant. 

You can still use all ant tasks.

There is nothing wrong with calling the tasks from a scripting language or
from java. 


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