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Subject Re: <Ant /> on multiple sub-projects
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2000 07:39:07 GMT
> Essentially the problem I see myself encountering is that I need to embed
> the <ForEach > functionality into the <Ant > task.  The sub-task
> implementation I posted previously kept the DOM around to re-make the
> subtasks each iteration.  I'm going to have to do the same thing, but
> without the guarantee that I'm capturing all the information.

Please, don't !
Keeping DOM around is wrong - it's redundant information, and it will put
too much weight on the framework. 

I can't understand what's wrong with reading the XML and creating Java
objects ??? Why do you need to keep the information after that in memory?
DOM is a solution for a different problem - why keeping the XML document
in 2 different forms - the Java object tree and DOM ( or any equivalent )?
SAX is more than enough - and it's the logical solution.

Please don't say that this is the just  to implement variables. 

All current Ant tasks work fine with the constants ( or whatever
<property> is - it is set before project execution  and doesn't change
after). If you need more - please don't change everything, maybe you can
use a scripting language that has a clear notion of variables, or your own
API that can get/set attributes. 



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