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Subject Re: What flavour of scripting?
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2000 17:31:10 GMT
> My requirements (constraints):
> 1) One should be able to understand the build.xml without looking at the
> documentation. There are a couple of things that break this pattern:
>  - tstamp -> you don't know what variables are set unless you look into
> the docs.
>  - the proposed .antrc -> win32 people are _NOT_ used to such pattern
> Interesting enough, Costin doesn't seem to like my visibility pattern :)
> probably he's used to man and not to the win32 help system. Lucky boy.

We all learn here ( at least I try to ).

I wouldn't mind deprecating <tstamp> and extended <property> to handle few
special cases like that. I had a different opinion in past, now I
understand your point.

About .antrc - it is very usefull, it saves a lot of typing and it's not 
a visibility problem - it is called explicitely with 
<property file=".antrc" />, and it saves a lot of typing ( the
alternative is to use few -D ). 
And win32 users should be happy - it's a bit better than Registry :-) 

> 3) I would like to have two different set of tasks:
>  - external tasks: these are the tasks that "do something" exterally to
> Ant.
>  - internal tasks: these do not change the environment _outside_ Ant,
> but change it's internal state or its internal behavior.
> For now, these are the internal tasks:
>  - Project
>  - Target
>  - Property
>  - Available
>  - Filter
>  - TStamp
> I propose to use a different namespace for them, this would help both
> visual GUI tools and people to understand their different behavior.

That would be a nice idea - and we can use namespaces to do some nice
tricks (like using a URI 
for all tasks declared in package )

> 4) I do not care about iterative internal tasks since I wouldn't use
> them. And, IMO, they do not belong at this level but inside the external
> task logic.

That's my opinion too. 


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