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Subject Re: What flavour of scripting?
Date Wed, 01 Mar 2000 21:15:27 GMT
Sam's going to hate me for this, but in response to:

"How is this for a suggestion:  we have a task that calls BeanShell
<> (chosen because I know it exists, it is very
close to java making it easy to learn, and is cross-platform.  Other
suggestions welcome.).  The beanscript can have embedded XML tags, tasks,
that get called when they are reached."

Why don't we consider Bean Scripting Framework from IBMs alphaWorks. It
currently supports many languages, and is easy to enable for.

"Along this line of thinking we could use any number of scripting
e.g. <>  We could also remove the need for a
<script> tag by specifying that any text in a target is interpreted by a
particular interpreter (not sure if I actually like this script-in-target

BSF already supports JPython.

"There are a large number of cases where an XML <switch> is going to be
better than jumping into a scripting language.  This is because you don't
have to change languages."
Agreed....the real question is how far do we go.


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