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Subject Re: XML Entities (was: What flavour of scripting?)
Date Sun, 05 Mar 2000 01:11:22 GMT

Costin wrote:
> Of course, we still disagree strongly on the runtime role and power -
> the fact that the runtime will do the magic of replacing variables before
> a task is executed, etc.

We are not as far apart as you would think.  As if often the case, the
first step is to understand what is being proposed.

Previously when I read statements like the one above, I presumed that the
syntax and process for replacing variables would be the same as the one
used for replacing constants.

I would like the runtime to substitute entities, and I would like entities
to handle as many of the normal cases as it technically possible- not just
embedded in the file, but also external (for this we should probably
consider xml syntax for external entities not java syntax for properties),
inherited from the environment and the like.

I think that we are largely in synch here.  There may be minor differences
(how should we handle <available>?), but these can be worked.

What's left?  I can make scripts do magic.  And you can choose not to use
them   ;-)

- Sam Ruby

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