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Subject Re: XML Entities (was: What flavour of scripting?)
Date Sat, 04 Mar 2000 19:08:31 GMT

Costin wrote:
> Well, S/N problems. I said that few times in this thread. Use constants
> where you need constants, use variables where you need variables ( if you
> realy need them ).

What you think you may have said clearly, I'm not sure I fully understand.
All I know is that Will posted a simple xml file and identified two
possible interpretations.  I would have picked one, from what I gather, you
would have picked the other, and Duncan and Stefano would have picked a

One potential area of confusion is starting to dawn on me - in most
programming languages, while constants and variables may be defined
separately, they tend to be referenced with an identical syntax.  Now that
you are talking about how this will be implemented, I am starting to get
the impression that this will not be the case with Ant.

> I'm not sure if that will work or not - I'll write a prototype after
> ApacheCon. It should be possible - SAX has  callbacks to resolveEntity,
> unparsedEntityDecl and probably that's enough.

A prototype sounds like the right way to make further progress.

I would gladly volunteer to write this and have it ready for us to discuss
at ApacheCon - if I felt that I understood the desired semantics better.

- Sam Ruby

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