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Subject Re: XSL taskdef (vote to include)
Date Fri, 03 Mar 2000 20:32:56 GMT

Kevin Burton wrote:
> What I propose is to create a new task that will transform an XML
> document with a Stylesheet into another XML document:
> <xsl in="in.xml" xsl="in.xsl" out="out.xml"/>


> I could include this as part of Alexandria but I think it belongs here.
> The only downside is that it brings up the requirement of Xalan.  As
> long as you don't use the <xsl> tag you won't need the xalan.jar but you
> would need it to compile.

I would prefer if this task were conditionally compiled.  We are almost to
the point where there are no jars checked into this project - and hopefully
soon the last one will be removed.  And considering that one can build
xalan with ant, I can imagine that having a back level version of xalan in
your path could cause confusion for developers on that project.

In case you haven't kept up with the flood of discussion on this mailing
list recently, there are at least two strategies for accomplishing
conditional compilation.  One is by having additional targets which copy
java code into the directory that will later be the srcdir for a javac.
Another is to add an nested exclude tag on the javac task itself.  In
either case, the steps can be made conditional on the presence or absense
of a class in the classpath - see the <available> task for more details.

Note: you will also need to take care to ensure that the project can still
bootstrap.  This is perhaps best accomplished by placing this source in a
separate directory.

While this will likely be the first conditionally compiled taskdef, I do
expect more to come shortly.

- Sam Ruby

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