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From Ludovic Claude>
Subject Re: RMIC task of Ant
Date Thu, 30 Mar 2000 14:31:23 GMT
Hans Venema wrote:

> Hi,
> I downloaded Ant and it seems to do the things I was looking for. But I
> have a question. Is the RMIC-task able to determine whether running the
> rmi-compiler is necessary or not (in some cases regenerating the stubs
> and skeletons isn't necessary since the remote interface hasn't changed?
> If the RMI-task is not able to determine this, is it "simple" to extend
> the RMI-task to enable this feature?
> Please some notes about this! I am willing to help or extend the task
> myself.
> With kind regards,
> Hans Venema (from the Netherlands)


Currently RMIC is not smart enough to find out or not a stub needs to be
I/you could add easily something comparing the date of the implementation
class with
the date of the generated stub, and that should work well enough.

I would like also to add a scanning functionality to this task, so it can take
as src a directory,
find out the implementation classes and generate the stubs/skels for them.
That would avoid
having to write long lists of rmic tasks for each class to process. Do you
think it might be useful?

If you plan to contribute some code, have a look at the for
how to contribute
(basically send your changes in unix diff format)


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