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From Jay Handfield <>
Subject [PATCH]: Added maxmemory option to javadoc task
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2000 20:11:49 GMT

When building the javadocs for my project, I kept getting
out of memory exceptions.  The ideal solution to this problem
would be to have javadoc run in process and set the max memory
higher via the JAVACMD variable, but I understand that this is not
possible because the sun class calls System.exit().  As an
alternative I have come up with a patch to the javadoc task that
will allow you to set the maximum memory of the javadoc JVM.  For

<javadoc srcdir="myproj" maxmemory="64m"/>

will add a -J-Xmx64m to the javadoc command line (under java2).

Does this seem like a reasonable solution?  I would be happy to 
supply a patch for the documentation also, if this patch gets applied.

Jay Handfield
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