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From Gerald Brose <>
Subject Copying and Deleting files
Date Wed, 22 Mar 2000 15:53:16 GMT
Two newbie questions:

a) copydir seems to work just like copyfile, ie. it will only copy
   a file over an existing one if the source is newer than the
   destination. I would like a "force" attribute here that over-
   writes files regardless of their creation time.

b) deleting files can ony be done in whole trees or indiviually.
   Why is there no pattern matching for single deletes, as in
   <delete file="{src}/generated/xyz*.java/> ? Writing out the
   files individually is a pain.

Regards, Gerald Brose. 
Gerald Brose,                       Mail:
FU Berlin        (for PGP key see:)
Institut f. Informatik              Ph-one:        (++49-30) 838-75112
Berlin, Germany                     Ph-ax:         (++49-30) 838-75109

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