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From Jose Alberto Fernandez <>
Subject Re: conditional build
Date Wed, 15 Mar 2000 03:20:08 GMT
James Duncan Davidson wrote:

> > I'd like to throw my two cents in about the language issue, if I may.  I
> > agree that you don't want Ant to become a general purpose programming
> > language or anywhere near as complex and impenetrable as make (see
> > footnote).  However, I think it is also important not to be overly
> > dogmatic about keeping all programming functionality out of Ant.
> I want to clarify that I'm not dogmatic about keeping functionality out of
> Ant, I'm dogmatic about keeping it out of the build file itself. Note that
> dynamic taskdef'ing allows any functionality implemented as Java class files
> to be plugged in. One of the things that I'd like to figure out how to do is
> make this pick up of non core taskdefs easier to do. Also note that I have
> no problem with calling out to scripts. And maybe the taskdef that calls out
> to a script exposes the project properties list somehow which would have
> side effects.

I suggested a while ago to have the concept of a <tasklib name="..."
which allows developers to provide their own libraries of <tasks> like <xslt>
Then when declaring a task, one may specify the name of the tasklib it comes
from: <taskdef name="..." classname=... tasklib=name> or we could have <tasklib>

declare these tasks directly in some form of descriptor. Something like taglibs
for JSP.

That would allow people write anything they want and having it separate from the

> But the XML itself shouldn't be programmtic.

I can live with that, I think.

> I don't want to go around for another few weeks round of discorse on what it
> means to say that or nit pick on the exact definition of each and every
> word. Instead, I'm pulling together a requirements document for Ant.NG. I'll
> post it as soon as it's in a state to be posted. I had promised it by the
> time I got back to California from ApacheCON -- and I just might hit that as
> I played hookey in Chicago and am getting back into the bay area on Tuesday
> eve.
> .duncan

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