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From "Kevin A. Burton" <>
Subject Re: XSL taskdef (vote to include)
Date Sat, 04 Mar 2000 01:52:16 GMT wrote:
> Kevin Burton wrote:
> > What I propose is to create a new task that will transform an XML
> > document with a Stylesheet into another XML document:
> >
> > <xsl in="in.xml" xsl="in.xsl" out="out.xml"/>
> +1


> > I could include this as part of Alexandria but I think it belongs here.
> > The only downside is that it brings up the requirement of Xalan.  As
> > long as you don't use the <xsl> tag you won't need the xalan.jar but you
> > would need it to compile.
> I would prefer if this task were conditionally compiled.  We are almost to
> the point where there are no jars checked into this project - and hopefully
> soon the last one will be removed.  And considering that one can build
> xalan with ant, I can imagine that having a back level version of xalan in
> your path could cause confusion for developers on that project.
> In case you haven't kept up with the flood of discussion on this mailing
> list recently, there are at least two strategies for accomplishing
> conditional compilation.  One is by having additional targets which copy
> java code into the directory that will later be the srcdir for a javac.
> Another is to add an nested exclude tag on the javac task itself.  In
> either case, the steps can be made conditional on the presence or absense
> of a class in the classpath - see the <available> task for more details.
> Note: you will also need to take care to ensure that the project can still
> bootstrap.  This is perhaps best accomplished by placing this source in a
> separate directory.
> While this will likely be the first conditionally compiled taskdef, I do
> expect more to come shortly.

Hm.  I can appreciate that.  I would however like to include the .jar. 
I think that Xalan people will be smart enough to pick up on it.

Also, I would like Xalan support compiled in by default.  Xalan
developers should *not* use teh <xsl> tag because this would be stupid. 
Therefore although it was linked against the old Xalan it won't be a
problem.  We should however mention this.

On including .jar files... I really don't think this is a big problem. 
I do not however like the project-x/javac stuff and I am glad that is
gone.  However xalan is OSS and our own Dog Food so we should eat it :)


Kevin A Burton (
Message to SUN:  "Open Source Java!"
"For evil to win is for good men to do nothing."

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