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From "Daniel, Matthew" <>
Subject Re: Generalization of available (setif and setunless)
Date Mon, 27 Mar 2000 19:41:10 GMT

	Funny, as this topic was the whole reason I joined the mailing list.
I am glad to know that I am not the only one interested in this. :-)

>  sr> Whether or not that is the right thing for XSLT, there is
>  sr> consensus that we do _NOT_ want to do that with Ant.

	But would you say that Makefiles have their own programming language
built into them?  I would not, but they are able to perform simple
"scripting" tasks.  For example,


	is the one that jumps to mind.

> After that almost everything I wanted to accomplish could be done
> without changing anything - maybe add an optional value attribute to
> Available.

	In my model locally, I used a simple testing scheme in the "if"
attribute.  For example,

target  name="test1" 
	if="not has.a.class.named.joe and has.a.class.named.fred"

	with real simple (not, and, or) and the property names.  This was
really simple to implement, did what I wanted, and did not require a great
deal of reorganization.

> somebody please summarize the state of this discussion (for me) - I
> guess we might need a mailing list archive.

	I second this vote.  Isn't there a stock "plug-and-pray" system that
manages mail archives, especially for qmail?

  Thanks for your time,
  -- /v\atthew

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