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From "James Duncan Davidson" <>
Subject Re: conditional build
Date Thu, 16 Mar 2000 21:44:15 GMT
> I suggested a while ago to have the concept of a <tasklib name="..."
> classpath="...">
> which allows developers to provide their own libraries of <tasks> like
<xslt> or
> others.
> Then when declaring a task, one may specify the name of the tasklib it
> from: <taskdef name="..." classname=... tasklib=name> or we could have
> declare these tasks directly in some form of descriptor. Something like
> for JSP.
> That would allow people write anything they want and having it separate
from the
> distribution.

Interesting. I think that you could achieve the same effect by having a
classpath definition instead of a tasklib. Tasklibs sound complicated to me,
especially when it should just be a taskname=classname mapping where the
classname is a class on the classpath. Using this, the real problem that we
have is the inability to expand the classpath at will for the scope of a


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