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From "James Duncan Davidson" <>
Subject Re: What flavour of scripting?
Date Mon, 06 Mar 2000 23:42:04 GMT
>   <copydir src="${src.bin.dir}" dest="${bin.dir}">
>     <unless comparison="${}==Mac OS"/>
>   </copydir>
> This could be used in conjuction with argument "if", in the same way that
> Ant currently has both tag and argument versions of 'includes' and
> 'excludes'.  This does not require nesting tasks.

Nah. With this, you can do pretty powerful things without if. All you need
is the mechanism to setUnless on your copydir task. I don't know if I really
track your previous example where you are nesting twice deep in the javac
task. That's getting a bit hiearchical.


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