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Subject Re: Controversial <foreach> task
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2000 09:11:39 GMT

Right now ant is a collection of Tasks and a small driver that calls the
tasks. The Tasks are independent java beans, with no constraints ( it is
not even necesary to extend Task - see the Test task defined in Tomcat ) 

It is possible to use the tasks from a different framework ( 
call them from a Java program as normal beans, with no XML involved). Xml
is just a way to store the sequence of tasks and init ant. 

> > 1) Requirements.  What are the types of problems that people need to solve..
> - lots of rmic: for that one i had to write a generator of tags that takes the
> list of implementation
> class and generates the <rmic> tags to build the stubs for them. A for loop is
> an easy solution,
> but we might as well extand the functionallity of rmic so that it can discover
> the remote classes
> in a folder and generate the stubs for them

Write a new/change rmic to take a "files" property with all the files you

> Ok, so far I've just proved that foreach *might* be useful in sporadic
> situations but the need for
> it reflects more other problems in the existing tasks.

Everything "might" be usefull, the problem is what is the cost ? We
should not implement  every feature that "might" be usefull (

In this particular case it's even worse - it changes a fundamental design
choice, and will disable other usefull features. 

> >
> > 2) Enablement.  Users are able to provide their own task definitions, and...
> Can we consider some kind of extension mecanism to ant? I find that having to
> define <taskdef>

We have one - it's called java.

IF you find <taskdef> a pain, define/change taskdef to read a list of
properties from your own location ( ~/.ant.taskdefs ).

> in each project is a pain (especially is you have >10 projects...). I've seen
> that you can read default
> properties from your home directory, why not have that also for default
> taskdefs?

Why not changing a Java file and adding the loop you need instead of
transforming ant into a programming language just to make that loop ?


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