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Subject Re: conditionals and loops (was: Macro task (was: ...))
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2000 09:33:26 GMT
> Now, that is not to say that you couldn't have something, with a more
> normal semantics, that works with any XML element.  Maybe you hard-wire a
> few XML elements, but they do the replication at execution-time instead of
> parse-time.  (I'm not even sure you need to hard-wire anything.  If someone
> puts a createForeach() method in their Task they lose standard ForEach
> capability.  You then define ForEach using a plugin architecture, like
> Tasks.)
> I agree this needs some thought as to the details.  I would strongly like
> to move in this direction though.
> later,
> \x/ill         :-}

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