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Subject Re: Proposal: XML output from ant tasks
Date Fri, 25 Feb 2000 00:48:37 GMT
>     1) XML isn't nice to read -- and doesn't really belong on an
>        output window

> If the end goal is to reduce clutter out to the user when running (like not
> seeing each and every file get copied), then I'd rather see more effort
> being placed into logleveling the messages with the default loglevel seen
> set pretty high.

The end goal is not to reduce clutter, but to allow post-processing. 

If every task report it's messages in it's own way.
Think about tools - ant is extensible and that means it will be very hard  
to automate it ( not only "nightly", but 
also for GUI tools ). Parsing ant output is almost imposible - it's a mix
of various formats, each task has it's own message style and no pattern.
( I know that having ant in a GUI is still far away :-)

The real problem is that we are losing important informations when we log- 
and we can't recover the lost. It may be possible to strip the
structure and display plain text, but the reverse is much more dificult.

I know, all tools have text output and (maybe) a parser that understand
the a part of the output ( gcc,javac, sendmail, httpd, etc). Most of the
time it's very hard to work with those tools, and it's much harder to
write code that parse the output produced by arbitrary tasks ( some
probably not even known in advance) than to strip some <> or even read 


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