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From William Campbell <>
Subject RE: Changing Compiler
Date Fri, 18 Feb 2000 17:00:22 GMT
Hi Sebastian,

> I wrote the jikes patch so here are some comments from me:
> > 2) I changed the catch block in the compile method of 
> to at least
> > print out a message if Jikes can't be executed.
> Sounds good. Post it as a patch to this list, so that it can be
> commited.

The changes I made were to the Tomcat release 3.1 milestone 1 versions of
the files.
Would any patches have to be against the latest version of the source from
CVS to be useful?

> Attention, this is problematic. Newer version of jikes (I'm using
> 1.10) *will* send some messages to STDERR, so this options must be set
> when using this version (this is probably why IBM has added it). I
> think we would need some way to autodetect, whether to use this option
> or not. Perhaps I should try to call jikes with "-Xstdout" and drop
> this option when I get an exception. Any suggestions on that?

The older version of Jikes I am using throws a warning rather than an error
when it sees the -Xstdout option so looking for an exception probably
wouldn't help. The reason that I changed this was just to get rid of that
warning message. The only suggestion I can think of would be to add yet
another property to specify whether to add -Xstdout or not!

I have come up against another issue. On NT the jdk may be installed below a
directory with a space in its name (for example "Program Files"). In this
case the classpath argument that ant generates can have a space in it, but
not be surrounded in quotes which causes problems when ant tries to pass
this argument to jikes. Adding double quotes around the classpath argument
that ant generates seems to get round this problem on NT.



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