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From William Campbell <>
Subject RE: Changing Compiler
Date Wed, 16 Feb 2000 09:34:50 GMT
I went through some issues relating to using jikes with ant yesterday and
here are the issues I came up across. (Since I am new to all of java, ant
and jikes if I make any obvious mistakes hopefully someobody more
knowledegable on this list will correct me!)

1) You need a more recent version of ant than that in the current tomcat 3.0
release source tar-ball dated 15 Dec on
    The code contained in this release doesn't like it does anything more
than oprint out
"Performing a Jikes COmpile" when you try and do a jikes compile.
    The version of ant in the 3.1 milestone 1 drop dated 23 Jan seems to
have much more jikes-related functionality in it.

2) I changed the catch block in the compile method of to at least
print out a message if Jikes can't be executed.

3) I couldn't see any way of passing the path to the jikes compiler to ant
(maybe I was missing something?) so I made a small change to to
pick this up from a system property. (I don't believe the Java exec() method
that is used to call jikes looks at the PATH variable so I don't think
setting this would help).

4) On the project I am working on we are using an old version of Jikes
(0.47). This version doesn't understand the -Xstdout option and apparently
sends all its output to stdout anyway - so I removed the -Xstdout option

After I had dealt with those issues I could use ant to compile java sources
using jikes.



-----Original Message-----
From: Angel Aray [mailto:aaray@aaray]
Sent: Tuesday, February 15, 2000 7:35 PM
To:; Christopher Elkins;
Subject: Re: Changing Compiler

I tried this and it a get the following 
  <property name="build.compiler" value="jikes"/>   

On Mon, 14 Feb Compiling 3 source files to
Performing a Jikes COmpile
Compiling 1 source files to /home/aaray/Projects/tnet/build/tnet/classes
Performing a Jikes COmpile
Compiling 1 source files to /home/aaray/Projects/tnet/build/tnet/classes
Performing a Jikes COmpile
Compiling 2 source files to /home/aaray/Projects/tnet/build/tnet/classes
Performing a Jikes COmpile
Completed in 2 seconds       

when  I go to the directory where compiled classes should be there is
nothing there.

Maybe someone out there can help me with this one.

	Angel Aray.

2000, Christopher Elkins wrote:
> Hugh Brien [] wrote:
> > Is there a way to substitute the selected compiler in ANT.  I would like
> > to use the JIKES native compiler from IBM for development.  It is
> > significantly faster than any other compiler I have used thus far.  Any
> > help would be appreciated.  BTW, I have checked the web site, the src,
> > etc without any success.
> > r,
> > Hugh
> > 
> > Senior Commerce Engineer
> >
> I just added this to the FAQ:
> -- 
> Christopher Elkins

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