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Subject Re: ANT's strange semantics and proposed change
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2000 14:19:56 GMT

Conor wrote:

> I'm pretty sure we voted to get rid of init's specialness but nobody has
> gotten around to patching it yet. Most of the tomcat build.xml files have
> had the explicit init depency for a while now.

Actually, with the notable exception of the jakarta-tools\moo\build.xml,
not a single build.xml in any jakarta or xml project had coded explicit
dependencies on the init task.  Most still had bare properties specified
outside of any target (including the tomcat build.xml).

Anyway, I believe that it is all done now, and that the build.xml file for
each project will build properly with either the ant.jar built from the
current cvs (which has the special processing for the init target removed),
or with any fairly recent ant.jar (which may still have the special
processing). The only side effect I have seen is that building current
build.xml's with older ants will cause the init target to be executed twice
- typically this is harmless.

- Sam Ruby

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