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Subject Re: Shell portability
Date Tue, 08 Feb 2000 23:43:04 GMT

Andrew Sudell wrote:
> I had made a post last week about shell portability, that didn't
> generate much of a reply.  I'm assuming that it is desirable for Ant to
> build cleanly on as wide a range of systems as possible.  I've now seen
> a second ksh-ism or posix-ism show up.

My assumptions match your assumptions.  I introduced these regressions on
you - sorry about that.

> I've included a patch below that works around them.  One might argue that
> "we require ksh" and that might be reasonable in the case of
> In the case of AntRun, which begins with a "#! /bin/sh", it's pretty
> that it is intended to work in the Borne shell.

I find these patches such as these very helpful.  Keep keeping us (me)

- Sam Ruby

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