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From William Uther <>
Subject Re: <taskdef /> extension mechanism
Date Mon, 28 Feb 2000 20:23:04 GMT
> = Duncan
>> = Ludovic

>> Can we consider some kind of extension mecanism to ant? I find that
>> having
> to
>> define <taskdef>
>> in each project is a pain (especially is you have >10 projects...). I've
> seen
>> that you can read default
>> properties from your home directory, why not have that also for default
>> taskdefs?
> That's not a bad idea as well. Having a $HOME/.antrc or some such would
> not be a bad thing imho.

Actually, one of the things I'd quite like to have is a project specific
classpath.  I agree that there is logic that should go in it's own task. (I
use the Ozone Database <>, which has its own rmic
type tool that it would be nice to make into a task.)  However, this is
really a project specific task.  I don't want it in my normal ANT classpath
or in my system classpath.

We could have a simple classloader that reads in the extra task definitons.

<taskdef name="deathDestroyerOfWorlds"
classname="" classpath="${taskdefs}" />


\x/ill          :-}

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