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From William Uther <>
Subject Re: <taskdef /> extension mechanism
Date Tue, 29 Feb 2000 20:33:09 GMT
>> Actually, one of the things I'd quite like to have is a project specific
>> classpath.  I agree that there is logic that should go in it's own task.

>> We could have a simple classloader that reads in the extra task
> definitons.
>> <taskdef name="deathDestroyerOfWorlds"
>> classname="" classpath="${taskdefs}" />
> Eh? You were talking about a project specific classpath, but your
> illustration is of a taskdef. I'm not following.

I was referring to a classpath from which project specific tasks get
loaded.  I think a classpath for things like javac can already by handled
with a property.

Sorry for not being clearer.  (Not sure I should be let anywhere near a
programming language - I can't get English right. :)

\x/ill         :-}

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