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From Ludovic Claude>
Subject Re: What flavour of scripting?
Date Tue, 29 Feb 2000 11:44:35 GMT
David Bullock wrote:

> Perhaps jamming it all into one build configuration file is the
> issue.  XML is a natural candidate for building a Dependency Markup
> Language.  But building a software project is not all dependency
> management (hence the 'actions' concept of Ant).  The actions to take
> in response to dependency triggers could probably be best specified in
> some kind of scripting language.  (On the topic of "which scripting
> language?", JPython has a natural mapping to Java OO programming, but
> it is still another language to learn(!))

People using Ant are JAVA developers, with a beginner experience of xml.

Python, lisp, tcl/tck, i've heared of them, i've used lisp once in my
school years, but i don't
want to learn/use them.

> What about a build.dml file to specify the dependencies, and another
> file ( ?) to describe what to do about the dependencies.  I'm
> new to unixland, and haven't ever made my own[...]

Two build files to compile one project now?

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