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From Bill Petheram <>
Subject Re: Objections against advanced directory scanning
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2000 08:27:44 GMT

"Kuiper, Arnout" wrote:

> From: []
> > Existing commands such as DIR in DOS, ls in Unix use
> > wildcards and add a
> > 'recurse flag' (/s for dir and -R for ls). I'm not saying
> > they are the best
> > way to do it, only the most familiar to users.
> The main problem with this approach is that it only allows
> recursion on the end of the pattern, not on the beginning,
> which is essential for a number of situations Ant has to
> deal with, like filtering out CVS directories, filtering
> out test directories, etc.

Normally to exclude CVS directories you would use an exclude pattern.
I.E don't match any path that contains this pattern.

> > I suppose my main point is usability and keeping complexity
> > low, in the
> > end, my opinion doesn't matter that much (I'm not a
> > committer!), and it
> > certainly seems like I'm in the minority here, so I'm quite
> > willing (and
> > happy ) to accept '**' rather than not have it.
> I also like to keep the complexity low, but I also need the
> power. Therefore we need to find a balance. On one end of
> the spectrum we have the DOS/UNIX way with recursion on/off,
> (less powerful, but rather simple) on the other end we have
> regular expressions (very powerful, but also complex).
> The '**' approach ends somewhere in the middle. It gives you
> enough power, with not too much complexity (actual it is as
> simple as the DOS/UNIX way, but the only difference, that way
> you know, and this is new;-)

But it is different from anything else.

> I'll make sure that there are a bunch of examples in the manual
> for the most common situations, to help users ahead.

I think you are confusing two issues. One is pattern matching and the
other is specifying paths.
Your proposal does both. Whereas they can be separated.
Of course you can provide examples that show your proposal is good, but
I say again at the cost of users having to do something new and
different and unlikely to be used by any other package.


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