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From "Brown, Daniel" <>
Subject FW: Ant project versus jmk (Java in Make)
Date Mon, 21 Feb 2000 19:14:30 GMT

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To: Brown, Daniel
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Subject: Re: Ant project versus jmk (Java in Make)

"Brown, Daniel" wrote:
> Hi,
>         I have a general question reguarding the direction of Ant versus
> "Java in Make" (jmk)
> <>.  From what I
> have read these tools have compatable goals using Java. jmk is available
> and appears to do the same things that the Ant page is purporting to do.
> Were you aware of the existance of jmk? If so, I am curious as to the
> differences envisioned between the two tools or if they can be merged
> together?   I have never used jmk and I am considering converting current
> Makefiles to the tool.  But,  Ant presents another possible option and
> like further details on what capabilities it may provide over and above

These questions are better addressed to the ANT mailing lists:


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