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Subject RE: Objections against advanced directory scanning
Date Mon, 31 Jan 2000 22:01:00 GMT
"The scanner itself is in a helper class called DirectoryScanner. For now,
the only directory scanning related  'behaviour' in the Tasks are the
setIncludes, setExcludes and setDefaultexcludes (and of course a call in
the execute method)."

Excellent! molto +1's

"The '**' is needed to cater for the following situations:

1. match files in 1 directory, but not it's subdirectories. e.g.
/test/*.java which matches all .java files in the /test/ directory.
2. match files in 1 directory, and all (or a subset of) it's
e.g. /test/**/*.java which matches all .java files in all directories under
3. match directories on the leafs of the tree e.g. **/CVS/* which matches
all CVS directories and their files.

If you don't have an extra special character ('**') besides the usual '*'
and '?', it is impossible to cater for all described situations.

If you can show me how to do it without '**', please tell me. I would be
very grateful."

Infozip does this with a "recurse into directories' flag (-R), that is used
in combination with the mask to determine which files are selected.

Does the following cover things (it does as far as I can tell).

1) Includes="/test/*.java" recurse="false"
2) Includes="/test/*/*.java" recurse="true"
3) Includes="*/CVS/*" recurse="true"

dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting
I've just returned from THE Java Programming Conference, - be there next year

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