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From James Duncan Davidson <>
Subject Re: Patches from Kare Nuorteva
Date Fri, 14 Jan 2000 05:43:11 GMT
on 1/13/00 6:34 PM, at wrote:

> Only one out of the six.  I had planned to go back and pick up the rest.
> Now I have done so.  Thanks for the nudge...

Cool. Thanks. And -- thanks for all the work that you've put into Ant. I
really appreciate somebody taken good care of it.

> P.S.  Kare seemed to prefer explicit imports of each class used.  I didn't
> choose to pick up that part of the patches as I personally didn't find the
> change compelling enough to overrule the original author's preference.  If
> another committer feels differently, they are free to make that
> change...<grin>

I go back and forth on the theory of whether or not to explicitly import the
classes or just the packages. There's good arguments on both sides of the
fence -- lately, I've been leaning towards just importing the package and
being done with it. If I run into a situtation where I've got namespace
collision because of it, I probably need two distinct classes anyways... :)

James Davidson                           
Java + XML / Portable Code + Portable Data                 !try; do()

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