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From James Duncan Davidson <>
Subject Re: Ant directory structure questions
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2000 17:14:41 GMT
on 1/13/00 4:51 AM, at wrote:

> bootstrap.bat:set C=%CLASSPATH%;..\jakarta-tools\projectx-tr2.jar
> => It doesn't make much sense to make jakarta-ant a separate project if
> it still prereqs jakarta-tools.  My vote is to move this jar to ant.

Yep -- this was intermediate. My first item last night was to get the code
moved over. It was already late, so the only thing I did was modify the
scripts so that things worked -- but even as I mod'd them I grimaced as a
real solution needs to be taken. You've hit it right on the head.

I wanted to post a message (ya beat me to it! :) about ant.jar -- I think
that we should do that and change the scripts accordingly.

We also have to decide if we are going to move in projectx-tr2.jar into the
workspace as well. I'm ok with that.

> build.bat:java -classpath
> "%CLASSPATH%;..\jakarta-tools\ant.jar;..\jakarta-tools\projectx-tr2.jar"
> %1 %2 %3 %4 %5
> -tr2.jar
> => in addition to the projectx-tr2, this lists ant as still in
> jakarta-tools.  Simple oversight.

Yep. Needs to be changed.

> build.xml: <jar jarfile="../ant.jar" basedir="${build.dir}" items="org"
> manifest="${manifest}"/>
> => Is this really where we want ant.jar to be placed?  When ant was a
> subdirectory of jakarta-tools this made sense.  My vote is to eliminate
> the "../"


> build.xml: <copyfile src="../projectx-tr2.jar"
> dest="${dist.dir}/ant/lib/xml.jar"/>
> => yet another location for projectx-tr2.jar.  My vote again is to
> remove the "../".


> build.xml: <copyfile src="../moo.jar" dest="${dist.dir}/ant/lib/moo.jar"/>
> => this doesn't belong here at all, right?

No, not really. Moo is a seperate beast and shouldn't ship with Ant.

> P.S.  First post?  <grin>

First real post -- I've got 4 or so in ahead of you testing things out... :)


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