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Subject RE: Any objections against advanced directory scanning?
Date Fri, 28 Jan 2000 17:54:50 GMT

does this proposal solve the problem of which packages to compile or just which
files to compile?
i thought that Arnout's solution solved the "which packages" problem.


"Twiggs, Glenn" <> on 01/28/2000 09:03:47 AM

Please respond to

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Subject:  RE: Any objections against advanced directory scanning?


Here is Arnout's directory scanning proposal:


I finished the implementation for the directory scanning stuff.
The following tasks are updated:

These tasks got two new attributes: includes & excludes.
These attributes are a comma separated list of patterns.
When no include pattern is supplied, all files are matched.
When no exclude pattern is supplied, no exclusions will be made.

See the proposal or source code for how the patterns look like.

I tried to maintain (temporarily) backwards compatibility.
So the items and ignore attributes should work as before.

One important thing to notice, the DesirableFilter is not used,
because these implicit exclusions could better be made explicit.
If you want to emulate the filter, add the following patterns to
the exclude list. (Tip: Store these in a property, and use that
property in all your exclude lists):

If you want to try, or want to check it in, the complete zip of
source code and ant.jar can be found at
If you want to have the diff -u's:
And if you want to have the DirectoryScanner class:

When it is checked in, I'll update the manual accordingly,
and write some info on how to use the patterns...


Arnout Kuiper

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> Does somebody have any objections against the advanced directory
> scanning for certain tasks (copydir, javac, jar, zip and the new
> delete), as proposed earlier?

Can you repeat the proposal, I can't find the mail...

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