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Subject Re: Properties in Ant
Date Fri, 28 Jan 2000 16:57:34 GMT

Costin wrote:
> No, it will not work - properties are replaced at parse time, it was a
> hack (usefull I think). You can have run-time effect only if _every_ task
> is modified to do a replace() on it's attributes before execute. ( that
> was the reason the replace is now at parse time).

I actually *like* the hack.  I view it very much like having wildcard
expansion being done by the shell (as is the default for Unix) vs. having
each appliction do it (the Windows approach).

An option to turn it off could be useful, but knowing that it is done by
default and in a consistent and standard way for all tasks is of great

I'm with Stefano on the init task, and if we all agree, I'm willing to make
the changes required across the jakarta and xml projects.

- Sam Ruby

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