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Subject Re: Ant & Javadoc, jdk specific?
Date Tue, 18 Jan 2000 17:51:11 GMT

Kevin A Burton wrote:

> It wouldn't be that hard to add a <javadoc> to Ant... Maybe I will hack
> it this weekend.  Does it do anything other than call
>  If so it should run on JDK 1.1 just
> fine.... unless it adds other command line parameters.

javadoc2 calls,  the original javadoc

A few issues:

1) javadoc2 calls  In JDK1.1, javadoc can be
found at

2) javadoc2 has a lot more parameters than javadoc.  In a test version of
the code, I was able to get the javadoc2 taskdef to get into javadoc by
simply omitting the javadoc2 parameters.

3) javadoc2 (and presumably javadoc) call System.exit.  The original
approach to solving this was to put in a security manager which would
disallow exit calls, but this too is very JDK level specific.  Stefano and
I agree that the right fix for this it to convert the code to use
Runtime.exec exec.  Sure it is another JVM, but the code will be a lot
cleaner, more portable, and the overhead shouldn't be significant compared
to an entire JavaDoc run.

I had actually gotten fairly far in addressing these problems (making ample
use of  project.getJavaVersion()), but silly me, I wanted to be able to
test it.  Since I had broken cocoon in my first attempt to address #3, I
started there.  As I said, I was able to get into javadoc, but no files
were being passed as input.  Taking a look at the way the build was set up,
the list of generated class files were used as input, so I needed to
compile Cocoon.  At that point, Stefano was proposing me as a committer, so
I opted to wait until that was done.

To make a long story short - let's not both spend the same weekend
duplicating each other's work.  If you want it - it is yours, just don't
make the same mistakes I did.  If for some reason you can't get to it, let
me know and I will.

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