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Subject Re: Patches from Kare Nuorteva
Date Fri, 14 Jan 2000 18:06:17 GMT

Stefano wrote:
> Yep, BTW, Sam: are you doing all the apache stuff on your free time or
> on your work time? just curious.

Several answers, take your pick:

1) My manager is aware of what I am doing, and is supportive; but no, it is
not my day job.  A better way to look at it is that he gives me a rather
long leash.  While he does believe that it is in both IBMs and the
industry's best interest that Jakarta succeeds, it is not in my performance
plan, except perhaps indirectly as potential "extra credit".

2) I am certainly not representing IBM.  In true open source fashion, my
contributions should be evaluated on their own merits.  Like my colleages
at Sun, I've considered getting an e-mail alias, but so far have decided to
contintue to prominently display my association with IBM, as I believe that
it has unfairly been perceived as being owned and operated by Sun, and it
is my hope that in a small way I can help to correct this perception.

3) With only one exception so far, all the code that I have committed has
been done from home, typically not on what people would consider normal
working hours.

- Sam Ruby

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