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Subject Ant directory structure questions
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2000 12:51:29 GMT

These are all simple startup pains, but the real question is how do we want
this to look.  If we have consensus, I'll help in making the changes across
the various jakarta-* projects (and pending the vote, on the xml projects
too).  But for now, just looking at jakarta-ant:

bootstrap.bat:set C=%CLASSPATH%;..\jakarta-tools\projectx-tr2.jar${CLASSPATH}:../jakarta-tomcat/projectx-tr2.jar:src:${CLASSDIR}

   => It doesn't make much sense to make jakarta-ant a separate project if
   it still prereqs jakarta-tools.  My vote is to move this jar to ant.

build.bat:java -classpath
"%CLASSPATH%;..\jakarta-tools\ant.jar;..\jakarta-tools\projectx-tr2.jar" %1 %2 %3 %4 %5

   => in addition to the projectx-tr2, this lists ant as still in
   jakarta-tools.  Simple oversight.

build.xml: <jar jarfile="../ant.jar" basedir="${build.dir}" items="org"

   => Is this really where we want ant.jar to be placed?  When ant was a
   subdirectory of jakarta-tools this made sense.  My vote is to eliminate
   the "../"

build.xml: <copyfile src="../projectx-tr2.jar"

   => yet another location for projectx-tr2.jar.  My vote again is to
   remove the "../".

build.xml: <copyfile src="../moo.jar" dest="${dist.dir}/ant/lib/moo.jar"/>

   => this doesn't belong here at all, right?

- Sam Ruby

P.S.  First post?  <grin>

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