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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Properties in Ant
Date Fri, 28 Jan 2000 11:12:42 GMT
Ludovic Claude wrote:
> I have some trouble with the way properties are used in Ant: I built a simple task
> that increment
> a number so I can keep track of those build numbers, but Ant pre-sets the
> properties (and all the tasks) at initialisation, so if we don't set the
> properties in the init target, they are never used.
> It could be possible to delay the initialisation of the tasks until their
> execution, that would allow
> a greater flexibility in the way Ant can be used.
> Do you think it's worth the hassle?

I do.

I propose to remove the "init" task done automatically and let the user
indicate what task should be done with dependencies.

So, you decide where to put the properties and when they are set.

What do you think?

> You can get the increment task at
> Here is a small change that speeds up exec and javadoc:
> diff -r1.5
> 161c161
> <         private int SLEEP_TIME = 5;
> ---
> >         private int SLEEP_TIME = 100;
> 195c195,196
> <                         sleep(SLEEP_TIME);
> ---
> >                         if (!din.ready())
> >                            sleep(SLEEP_TIME);

Great! patched.

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