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From Ludovic Claude>
Subject Re: SV: JavaDoc errors???
Date Wed, 26 Jan 2000 00:27:20 GMT wrote:

> Ludovic Claude wrote:
> > I've provided a fix for Exec that reads properly the error stream
> > (and other things) but it's still not on the CVS repository.
> >
> > You can get the modified sources from:
> >
> > and the diff from
> >
> >
> > List of changes:
> > fixed a pb with the -D parameter
> > prints the os as well as jdk version
> > Better support for jdk1.2, keep
> >    the generated source files and put them in a separate folder
> > Fixed issues with Win95
> > created /bin/antRun95.bat
> I've taken a look at it.  It doesn't solve this particular problem as the
> error stream must be read on a separate thread lest the system blocks.
> I'll use your code as a base upon which I can build upon.
> >From what I can tell, all of your fixes for Win95 can be made to work on
> WinNT, so I am going to try to see if I can get one solution to work on
> both systems.
> The changes to Rmic don't appear to be in the zip file?
> - Sam Ruby

Rmic was the most interesting bit, which support for generating stubs in the
1.1, 1.2 or compatible format,
then storing the generated source in a folder.

The zip file is fixed, so you can get the new source code now.

The fix on Exec reads simultaneously the input stream and the error stream
from the process,
so process.waitFor() doesn't seem to hang anymore. Well, at least it work when
i execute SourceSafe
that procudes lots of messages on the error stream, I didn't test it with


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