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From "S. Woodside" <sbwoods...@yahoo.com>
Subject deja vu ... axkit: URIs don't support query parameters
Date Mon, 19 Sep 2005 06:31:44 GMT

Before I get to that, Matt, you asked on Aug 5

> So what do I need *you* to do? I need you all to check out the  
> current CVS, and with XML::LibXSLT 1.58, make sure "make test" passes.

I've done this now on OS X 10.4.2. I'm running all the latest libxmls  
and libxslts and everything too. Make test passes and it works too...

Anyway, on to the query parameters thing.

Now that I have my favourite axkit: URIs back I just found with a  
nasty shock that they don't seem to pass through the query parameters.

I've set up what I think is a rather clever server side include  
system written in XSLT. I stick into my XML something like this:


This will cause my XSLT to insert in that place whatever is the  
result of

<xsl:copy-of select="document('http://simonwoodside.com/weblog/ 

It's actually enormously useful and I use it all over my site now so  
that I can divide, say, the content for my home page, but insert & re- 
use "feeds" and such from other parts of the site (like the blog).

The *problem* is I have to harcode "simonwoodside.com" which means  
that when I'm on my development server as opposed to the production  
server it gets the wrong data...

So, is axkit: supposed to support query parameters / it would be nice!



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