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From Kjetil Kjernsmo <kje...@kjernsmo.net>
Subject Parsing SGML for applying LibXSLT
Date Sun, 07 Aug 2005 21:25:08 GMT
Hi all!

I've been thinking (oooooh! :-) ): It has been reported many problems 
with XML Catalogs and AxKit, and I've had my share. It has been said 
that XML Catalog support in AxKit is broken, and should not be relied 
on. But now, I've come to the conclusion that XML Catalog support in 
AxKit works as advertised... :-) 

The idea with XML catalogs is that you look up in a system file what 
kind of DTDs or schemas are known to the system. The real problem can 
be simply to let your system know that you have a new schema or DTD, 
and that has been, it turned out, my issue. When I've successfully 
inserted the necessary things in the system catalog, everything has 
been fine.

Certain things still go wrong. But things go wrong when I make AxKit 
look for a DTD which is not in the XML catalog, but is in the SGML 
catalog. Unsurprisingly, really, because SGML is not XML. But really, I 
wonder if this is the reason why XML catalogs have gotten their 
reputation in AxKit? 

My main problem currently is that I feed a strict HTML file to an XSLT 
document() call, and that fails. Well, yeah, it is easy to say "feed 
XHTML instead", but not so easy to do right now. 

If my conjecture that the main "catalog-related" problem has been due to 
trying to give XML::LibXML SGML rather than XML is correct, perhaps 
AxKit could call $parser->parse_sgml_string( $xmlstring ); if  
$parser->parse_string($xmlstring, $r->uri()); failed?

I've looked around line 82 of A:A:Language::LibXSLT, where the parsing 
is done. I haven't tested anything, but would you guys think it would 
be sufficient with some trivial changes around there?


Kjetil Kjernsmo
kjetil@kjernsmo.net  webmaster@skepsis.no  editor@learn-orienteering.org
Homepage: http://www.kjetil.kjernsmo.net/        OpenPGP KeyID: 6A6A0BBC

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