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From Michael Kröll <michael.kro...@uibk.ac.at>
Subject TomKit, AxKit2, Axit TLP (was Re: How do I get the so called alpha version...)
Date Tue, 05 Jul 2005 10:10:55 GMT
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Re-cross-posting, maybe this time someone will answer...

Steffen Schwigon wrote:
| Effort should go into getting more feedback for your work. For me it
| seems a simple "OK, go for it" from the core developers with cvs
| commit rights and a branch for your work would be the most valuable
| thing at this moment. With some rules to keep all this compliant to
| the Apache.org rules, I can't think of a bad thing that could happen
| to AxKit with your experiments.

Can't a commiter comment on this? It would be really sad if TomKit and
AxKit would split out into two separate projects just because not a
single commiter could spend enough time to review the code and say
*something* about it on this list. Setting up a CVS branch would not
hurt much anyway, would it?

Ideally, before TomKit or any other contribution would be merged into a
AxKit2 project repository, the "AxKit as TLP"-Project
would awake from its almost one year sleep and The AxKit Project would
have a current Mission Statement and Guidelines
Kip, haven't you been voted as PMC chair?

Enough "would"s for now...

- --michael

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