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From Tom Schindl <tomAtLi...@gmx.at>
Subject Re: AxKit auf Apache2
Date Fri, 01 Jul 2005 09:02:56 GMT
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Matt Sergeant schrieb:
| On 29 Apr 2005, at 11:07, Tom Schindl wrote:
|> My company has decided that it would contribute the code I developed
|> until now and will develop in future to the AxKit-Project. This has the
|> advantage that I get payed for my work on AxKit2 (done in my free-time).
|> On the other hand they want to get some promotion from AxKit. Things
|> that have been discussed are that:
|> * e.g. logo on the AxKit-Page => Link axkit2-dev-page
|> * axkit2-dev-page hosted by the company and reachable as
|> ~  axkit2.bestsolution.at until a release is made.
| As far as I'm aware this isn't compatible with the ASF way. I certainly
| had to take down links to axkit.com (now defunct) when we moved into the
| ASF infrastructure.
| Dirk (who reads this list from time to time) may be able to comment more.
| Matt.

Although long time ago.

Would the following be possible:
- --------------------------------
- - create sub-domain axkit2.axkit.org presenting the development of
~  AxKit2, Roadmap, Design-Documents, ... => preferably rendered by
~  AxKit2 (we need a server running Apache2/mp2), I'll set that up
~  (should we maybe use a customized style.tigris.org for the AxKit-page
~  )
- - Somehow tell people that the starting code of AxKit2 has been
~  contributed by my Company Bestsolution Systemhaus GmbH => the main
~  difference would be as already stated that I could do some work on
~  AxKit on the job and get payed a little money whereas when I
~  contribute as a single person most of the work is done in my
~  sparetime.

Would that be acceptable?

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