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From Michael Nachbaur <m...@nachbaur.com>
Subject Re: AxKit auf Apache2
Date Tue, 03 May 2005 16:34:41 GMT
On Apr 29, 2005, at 8:07 AM, Tom Schindl wrote:

> Replying to you and also to the public on axkit-dev. I've discussed the
> contribution of the stuff I have written and published on the user list
> ~ in my company.


I wanted to let you and the list know that we're not ignoring you, it 
is just that the core developers (certainly myself) are just extremely 
busy at this time.  I have recently freed up one of my servers for use 
as a dedicated development / test server, and once I migrate LDAP off 
of it I plan to rebuild it and use that to test out the NextGen AxKit 
code.  But between flying lessons and work, I have very little spare 
time these days.

So I'm sorry if we haven't been as prompt in replying as we should be, 
but please be patient.  I can't speak for everybody, but I really like 
the idea of AxKit development picking up once more.  Once I get a 
chance to focus for more than a few minutes I'll reply to the actual 
contents of your email. :-)

Michael Nachbaur <mike@nachbaur.com>

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