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From Scott Penrose <sco...@dd.com.au>
Subject CVS Access
Date Tue, 31 May 2005 04:29:23 GMT
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Hey Dudes

First a quick introduction: My name is Scott Penrose and I am just  
starting to actively develop with AxKit a number of sites for not-for- 
profit clubs. None of them are live yet, but will be soon. I have  
been working on our own portal at myinternet (www.myinternet.com.au),  
which is all written in Perl and XSL and has a rendering pipeline  
ending with XSL that converts the input XML into HTML (many types,  
many styles, organisers, full blown CSS & JavaScript, old browser and  
more) or FO for about 6 years (although it started as pure HTML, not  
XML/XSL). MI has well over a million school children in UK and  
Australia using it.

AxKit is the closest thing to what we have (although really only one  
portion of what I work on) and I want to start contributing a lot of  
what I have learnt over the past few years to AxKit and hopefully be  
able to use AxKit and what I have learnt in my projects outside of  
work (or rather myinternet).

Anyway, although having fun with AxKit 1.x I feel that my efforts are  
best placed in 2.

Trying the CVS links on the www.axkit.org web site for the past 3  
weeks have not allowed any access...

     scottp@muffin:501:~$ cvs -d :pserver:annonymous@axkit.org:/home/ 
cvs login
     Logging in to :pserver:annonymous@axkit.org:2401/home/cvs
     CVS password:
     cvs [login aborted]: connect to axkit.org(  
failed: Connection refused

Although via the web


works fine.

Is this the correct place for AxKit 2 ? ie: Is the web page out of  
date or is there a problem?


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Scott Penrose
Welcome to the Digital Dimension

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